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By SundewWolf
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Apollyon wrote:You may not have a greenhouse though you could make money selling smaller exotic plants. Drosera Gemmae, Pinguiculas, some of your VFT cultivars. Do yourself a solid, get a couple jobs. Buy a couple grow racks and get an apartment. You'll probably find half of your issues disappear immediately and you'll feel a lot better about things.
I feel what you're saying with the small steps, but for a crazy person drinking absinthe 5 times a week it's much too late for that. I am very close to selling every plant I have and fully dedicating my entire life to being a horse trainer. It's not a complete loss since I have all the knowledge I learned about cultivation over the past decade, it's just become a ball and chain needing lots of yard space. I could move into an apartment but what would I do with the 100+ carni plants and 30+ outdoor bonsai and pre-bonsai trees. My problem/useful talent is hyper-obsession over my hobbies, only issue is if I have 8 different hobbies it becomes and overwhelming nutcase project. If I throw evertyhing into horses I will achieve what I want. Just a tough bullet to bite realize i am going to have to abandon everything else. I mean I dont have to sell ALL my plants, however I am an extremist so one day soon I will.
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By Apollyon
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Ahhh someone else works with bonsai trees. I don't know how big your plants are or what types but a couple racks should support a decent amount of your plants. I'm talking more about the 4-5 shelf bakers racks and running some light fixtures. I have the same problem. I focus on something to the point it's almost an obsession before moving onto the next.

You may need to downsize but you shouldn't eliminate it entirely. It'd be an impulsive choice you'll likely regret. If that's the direction you want to go with animals, that's not a bad choice. But you should try to find a way to balance the two. I know personally, I look forward to the progress I see with the plants are cracking the "mystery" for healthy growth. I have a bunch of trees outside as well and have been debating downsizing. No "finished" trees, a lot of pre-bonsai and a ficus benjamina 'too little' that's come a long way.

That is the gist of it though; one progressive step at a time. Reinforcing yourself with small success. You could likely make decent money, particularly if you tried to move "prebonsai" a plant cutting instantly goes up 5x in value. I've seen some ridiculous stuff being moved for 50+ essentially a twig with a couple of nodes that may have been bent but probably not.
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By Joshuamarshall792
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Jaker00 wrote:
Apollyon wrote:It does give perspective even if does sound bleak. It could very well be that the op home environment isn't a great place. That could be a very real possibility. I offered negotiation based off the idea that maybe it's just the natural "teen" development at work. Sometimes though, there isn't a negotiation. I personally didn't want to probe into their home life so I gave a couple general "solutions." I'm sure there are several of us who came from less than ideal scenarios and had to "go against the grain." Ignorance is worse than anything. I particularly feel bad for the one who had one of those insecure dads who believe anything outside of Coors Light and a pool table is for "fags." You gotta do what makes you happy and you're right. You can make a lot of money and the knowledge could get you somewhere if things go to hell. For instance, a lot of people made serious money throughout covid. While the world was shut down, people were selling plants to people trying to keep their sanity by taking on a plant or two for serious cash. Still, I believe I saw one of your videos on the Scott's Disease EX. Don't let that bring you down. If you want to make videos, make them. Don't throw in before you've given yourself a chance to try. Try selling some plants and get savings started to remove yourself from a toxic situation. Try growing smaller ones of value. If you're in a bad spot like that, you can only improve things. But not without trying.
Yes, I have a dad that calls me a "sissy" whenever I do something that isn't seen as "manly" it creates a toxic house and ruins relationships, it's extremely hurtful when your own family insults you for not being their vision of the perfect child, it's probably one of the worst things you can do to a child's emotions.

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SAME HERE!!! sorry just read this BUT OMFG!!!

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