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By Panman
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I was gifted this awesome grow tent but I'm not sure how to use it. I am getting two Yescom panels. I figures I would put one inside. It is 2x2x4. I am thinking of using it on its side for seedlings in 4 1020 trays. What do you think?
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By DeadlyCarnivore
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If a little you-know-what is legal in your state, you could grow some of that

If not or you're not interested in the devils lettuce.... I think it would make a cool terrarium enclosure. Have a little landscape of multiple different kinds of smaller carnivorous plants growing together in there

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By davinstewart
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The biggest advantage of a grow tent is privacy and control. Being able to prevent any smell or light from spilling out into the room as well as adjust the air mixture for higher co2 content are important factors to some people for certain crops.

Having said that, the big advantages to cp growers are that grow tents will make better use of artificial lighting and allow you to more accurately control your temperature and humidity.

I recommend getting a circulating fan to provide air movement within the tent and an exhaust fan linked to a thermistat to prevent overheating. With those Yescom lights going ~16 hours a day in an enclosed space you're going to be battling high temperatures constantly. Cooling is usually provided by venting in room temperature air but that limits you to a low of ~70F which may not be cool enough for your purposes. Ideally, you'd locate the tent somewhere the ambient temperature is fairly low, like an unheated basement, but failing that they should work just fine in the conditioned living space of your home. If you need lower temps then I'd investigate a small swamp cooler or portable air conditioner.

You might also investigate a humidifier linked to a humidistat to control the humidity. Being able to maintain ~70% humidity in your growing space is a wonderful thing and can boost your plants to impressive growth.

My $0.02.
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By specialkayme
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You should use a grow tent to solve a problem, but not just because you have it. While they solve some problems, they often create new ones that require additional complications to overcome.

Grow tents are great at limiting light spill over from one area to another, odor control, and humidity control. If you have a grow area right next to your bed and the light bothers you, a grow tent can help. If you're having a hard time increasing the humidity in your grow area (but don't want to increase the humidity of the overall area), a grow tent can help.

But by using a grow tent, you don't get to see your precious carnivorous plants all the time. Only when it's open (which the point is not to keep it open). Humidity may increase more than you anticipated. You will have to get grow lights (and fiddle with the height and intensity of the lights). You will likely have temperature issues to deal with. You'll have to improve air circulation. Not properly dealing with humidity and temperature issues could spell death for your plants, or could harbor nasty mold. Plus you now have more items that cost money, have to be maintained, and could break down/need replacement/kill your plants. Which leads to redundancy systems (or a closer watch).

All in all, I've had grow tents before, and I would prefer not to use them if I didn't have to. If I have a problem that needs solving, and a grow tent could solve it, I'll use a grow tent and be prepared to need to solve other problems. Otherwise, I wouldn't use it.
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By thepitchergrower
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Well, I guess fungus gnats will be less of a problem...
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