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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By albertoburrito
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Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:34 am
I read that it is best to flush out the soil once a month, but there are a ton of baby flytraps and it is a little crowded. How do I flush out the soil? How about when my sundew seeds germinate?
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By Panman
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Flushing the soil is a relative thing. It depends on what media you are using and what type of water. The premise of flushing a pot is to remove any nutrients or minerals that may build up in the soil. If you have good soil and clean water, I would be more concerned with uprooting the seedlings than mineral build up. Personally, I don't flush my pots but they sit outside year round and get regularly flushed by the rain. The idea with flushing is to run water through the pot and measure the TDS level on the output. Repeat this until the TDS number is at an appropriate level. If you have to flush a pot with baby plants, you might try using a small tube like an air tube from a fish tank to make a siphon to water it with. It will take longer, but you can better control the volume and direction of the flow that way.
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