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By Jaker00
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Joined:  Thu Apr 23, 2020 4:55 pm
This might sound like a stupid question, but basically I have a pot that I used for a non-carnivorous plant. How should I clean it to use for a carnivorous plant?

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By michijake
Posts:  140
Joined:  Mon May 17, 2021 1:36 am
Not a stupid question! But, I don't think you need to do anything special: I would just wash it with soap and hot water. It wouldn't hurt to soak it in a bleach solution to make extra sure there's no mold spores in it. Good luck!
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By Dan V
Posts:  114
Joined:  Tue Oct 26, 2021 4:32 am
For a "plastic" pot I would just use dish soap and warm water then rinse well.
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By MikeB
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Joined:  Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:13 pm
I usually take these pots and blast them with the hose, then submerge them in a bucket of water for 2-3 days to dissolve any attached minerals. After that, I give them a quick scrub and rinse, then put them in the sun to dry off and let the UV rays kill any germs.
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