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By Matt
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Dionae wrote:For sure. Everyone has to start somewhere. I TC without a pressure cooker or LFH and yes I get plenty contams but just because I dont have a LFH doesnt mean i'm going to give up.
I only just got a flow hood less than a year ago. Nearly all of the plants Steve and I sold in the FlytrapStore this year were from my "fake" TC efforts using PPM and getting lots of contamination. It just takes more effort and you have to expect losses when you're doing things "on the cheap" :)
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By Binny
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My opinion is that there is no point building a laminar flow without a proper laminar flow filter, I've seen heaps of examples where people use incorrect filters and insufficient fans (see mycology forums etc). You probably are doing more harm than good with many of those and a glove box would be heaps better.

They are not cheap I agree, but if you put a pre filter in they should last almost a lifetime in a hobby setting. One of the most affordable readymade or kitset options I've seen is available from Fungi Perfecti and they sell good filters separately also at pretty reasonable prices (if you are in the US). Not sure if I'm allowed to add a link but check the tools for air filtration page on website. I've had various success with plenty of these sorts of projects and I was going to go down this route but have since acquired two LFH's that where surplus to businesses locally, one is essentially new and they where a steal. If you are not in a hurry keep your ear to the ground they come up from time to time.

If you are handy with woodworking and can get some particle board/custom wood or ply at a good price and you can get a reasonable 'squirrel cage' type fan you can make them fairly easily, but if not I would suggest you would save yourself heaps of time and most likely money getting a premade option.
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