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By boggyboy72
How long should I wait for Nep. seeds to sprout before giving up?

They were planted 7-29 so I'm not close to giving up yet just wondering how long other people wait.
By tzestan
Very much species dependent. Of those I germinated before, lowland and intermediate species, fastest took 3 weeks. If seeds are viable, by 3 months, at least some should start to sprout. The remaining seeds can continue to germinate till 1.5 year later, usually intermediate species has longer germination duration. Temperature is high where I keep germinating seeds, 26-32C.
By Persivore
I typically wait a maximum of 3 months for highland Nepenthes seeds to start germinating. If nothing happens after 3 months, they are discarded. If a batch of seeds has had some germination, I tend to keep the batch for a couple of months after the last seedling germinated. I might wait a bit longer if they are from rarer species, but I've found that seedlings which take a longer time to germinate are typically much weaker and slower growing.

For a while I was keeping note of the date seeds were planted and when germination started - these are my results -
Nepenthes jacquelineae - Planted 9/3/14, germinated 22/4/14
Nepenthes inermis - Planted 26/3/14, germinated 24/5/14
Nepenthes dubia- Planted 14/5/14, germinated 20/7/14
Nepenthes jamban- Planted 14/5/14, germinated 22/6/14
Nepenthes dubia- Planted 31/5/14, germinated 2/7/14
Nepenthes jamban- Planted 18/6/14, germinated 18/7/14
Nepenthes flava- Planted 15/7/14, germinated 9/9/14
Nepenthes dubia- Planted 28/7/14, germinated 20/10/14
Nepenthes glabrata - Planted 5/10/14, germinated 2/11/14
Nepenthes bongso - Planted 30/12/14, germinated 13/2/15
Nepenthes aristolochioides - Planted 27/3/15, germinated 3/6/15
By boggyboy72
The mother is N. thorelii x campanulata and the father is N. platychila.

I have 2 little seedlings of some kind,but I don't think they are Neps.At least they don't look like the ones I looked at online.

I'm going to let them go for a while and see what happens.

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