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By xr280xr
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I bought some DuneCraft seeds from Michaels craft store, of all places, that are "guaranteed to grow" and they've been covered on a heating mat for probably about 6 weeks now. Their packaging says to wait 1-3 months. I know fresh seeds are supposed to germinate in anywhere from 13 days to 5 weeks depending on conditions. But how long do you have to wait until you know your seed is a dud? I want to try to hold them to their guarantee if they don't grow.

Here's a link:
Yes...I'm an adult and I bought that :lol:
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By Matt
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Flytrap seed? Or Sarracenia seed? Flytrap seed should germinate within 3 weeks on a heat mat with high humidity. If there is no germination after 4 weeks, it's unlikely to happen.
By mnwatson1
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They will honor the guaranteed to grow thing, I've held them to it. In 4 batches of VFT seeds from them, I've gotten ONE to germinate, after it was soaked in distilled water for 24 hours before sowing. My FTS seeds however, have had almost a 100% germination rate, still waiting on a couple from the last batch I bought a couple weeks ago. That's out of 55 seeds.

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