Homebrew PPM in vitro

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Homebrew PPM in vitro

by pokie22 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:00 am

I was going to wait on posting this data for another couple of weeks. However, in response to someone's faith, I thought it better to share the positive results thus far. Lest he break out the votive candles and start praying over cultures.....

Currently, I have been using PPM very liberally - like water - and I refilter after each use with 0.2uM sterile filters (which are more expensive than the PPM itself). What I found when I searched for "methylisothiazolinone" is Dow Kathon CG/ICP (formulations I and II). And then we return to where I was months ago before ever embarking on plant TC: printing out patents, journal articles, and reading everyone's post on the forums. I have to agree PPM is not cheap, but it is not that expensive either. Still, my 30ml bottle is dwindling down so I set off to make some in house with off the shelf items. This is not to take business away from the parent company, it is just my nature.

The formulation can be found from the patent in the examples section: http://www.google.com/patents/US5750402

My homebrew is based off of Kathon CG/ICP I (in the ratio from the product insert and not the patent) and the two preservative listed (at 1/4 concentration listed on the patent). If you know chemistry and can find the solubility curves online, the pka of both preservatives is low and they both diassociate at lower pH. In order for it to be stable at 4C for long term storage, the preservatives need to be diluted.

PPM Tx: Sarracenia seeds were pretreated with H2O for 24 hrs and then subject to a 500ppm gibberlic acid treatment for 49 hours. Darlingtonia seeds were treated as the Sarracenia seeds minus the 24 hr H2O treatment. The seeds were sterilised in 1/3MS salts + 8% PPM (homebrew or commericial) for 3 hours on a orbital shaker.

Germination: Jen ppm germination occured 1-2 days faster than commercial PPM seeds. The germination rate thus far is in the table below:
There appears to be a table function missing here. The original post is on TF under the same title, if you would like to see the numbers.

Sarracenia Oreophilia Jen PPM

Sarracenia Alabamensis Jen PPM

Sarracenia Alabamensis Reg PPM

Darlingtonia Californica Siskiyou Jen PPM

Darlingtonia Californica Siskiyou Reg PPM

Darlingtonia Californica Del Norte Jen PPM

That's all kiddies :)

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Re: Homebrew PPM in vitro

by BigBella » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:06 am

I salute you, mad woman of the lab; and the home brew is looking terribly good so far . . .

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Re: Homebrew PPM in vitro

by Matt » Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:33 pm

That's incredible work pokie22. Nicely done!
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Re: Homebrew PPM in vitro

by jolly » Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:15 pm

Hello thanks for the sharing. I researched protocol about Kathon CG but i didn't found anything. When i buy Kathon CG what is the dilution ratio/protocol for PPM like usage?

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