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Hey everyone, im Thomas, and im new to this forum and the flytrap stuff
i recently bought a flytrap in the local store, and my little brother bought one aswell.
Its winter here right now, and it isnt so cold in my house, i have fed my flytrap 1 mosquito.
my little brothers flytrap has eaten 1 spider, it isnt big. but i dont think the trap can fully close

My flytrap :
USB for size comparision
My plant in the sun, its holland, not a alot of sun, and its mostly cloudy , so not a strong sun aswell

My little brothers single flytrap with the spider

Is this okay ?
and should i repot them?

Regards, Tomaat
No need to repot, maybe next year. You will give the plant, dormancy ?

i am going to put it next to a cold window, and watch if it doesnt get too much sun for sunburn, and the window will be open in the mornings, with temperatures like 8 degrees wind, is that okay ?
8 Celcius should be fine for dormancy, but just know it should stay under 20 or so degrees Celcius all day long for a good dormancy.
Next year, I would move it to a place with more light.
Other than that, it looks great!
Please, please read THIS webpage.
I would bookmark it just to be safe.

Thanks, and about my little brothers trap? 2 spider legs are out, i heard it needs vacuum so it cant start rotting or anything?
Be careful not to keep your soil too wet. It looks like it might be in your first picture. There's probably an extremely low chance of sunburn in the window this time of year but it's good to be cautious. The legs sticking out won't necessarily cause the trap to die. It's more about the size of the bug relative to the trap. If the bug is too large, the trap will die, but still supposedly benefit from the meal. You don't need to worry about it or do anything in response. It's natural.

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