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By dutchplantlover
Hey guys!
So I am technically not new to the forum but I took a break for about 2/3 years from raising carnivorous plants. So I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduce myself and also show of the remainder of the collectionImage.

So a couple of years ago I had quite a large collection(maybe you can check out my old growlist). But I since have had to move and now don't have a garden and thus no room for my 2 greenhouses anymore...
I kept 2 of my sarracenia bog attempts but gave away or threw away all of my other plants(plz don't hate this carnivorous plant mass murdererImage)

So after the passion went away for a while it luckily found its way back! I recently picked up some flytraps, a butterwort, some capensis and a small nepenthes(probably ventrata) at some local garden centres. I also ordered seeds for darlingtonia, cephalotus, various drosera species and nepenthes from So if anyone wants to share some usefull tips on growing those species from seed I would love to hear them!

I also used to have a terrarium where I kept some CP's but it was at my mom her school for a while and I got it back yesterday with a big ass crack in one of the sidepanels so this kind of wrecks my plan to germinate the seeds in there. Before anyone asks, I have a selfmade LED light for my terrarium under which my old plant used to color up nicely so it is sufficient.

So that's basically all and happy to be back!

P.S. I live in the Netherlands so I can keep my plants outside most of the year. And I also know that most of the species I am trying to grow from seed will be hard to germinate and grow but I am up for a challengeImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Moto G (5S) Plus met Tapatalk
By dutchplantlover
Uhm not sure what you mean by Goldie but thanks! I tried to keep the few plants I still had as happy as I could

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Moto G (5S) Plus met Tapatalk
By 1cashew
Hey! I was referring to your second photo. The plant looks like a S. 'Goldie'. Whatever it is, it is lovely.
By dutchplantlover
Oh okay!
I got almost all of my sarrs from gardening centres so I have not named any to prevent mislabeling

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Moto G (5S) Plus met Tapatalk
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