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By DonaldRodriguez
Hey guys, I have this cobra lily that doesnt look too good. It's traps have all dried out during the winter (which I figured was normal) then spring came along and no new growth has been seen. It's been planted in LFSM/Perlite and has been watered the same way as my sarracenias. I live in Zone 5 so the temperatures here at night always drop down to 60, if not lower. There appears to be a little trap growing from the side but the main growth point has been dried up as well. What is the best way in saving this guy? Should I repot it and remove everything but the one live point and some roots? Should I move it into my Highland Nepenthes indoor greenhouse? Or do you guys think it's done for?
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By Rayne
Put it in the greenhouse, keep its roots cool and water it consistently to cool its roots. Give it 50 percent sunlight if ur greenhouse has natural sunlight. See how it goes from there.

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By Rayne
nimbulan wrote:I have to say every part of the plant looks dead other than those two pitchers at the base. How did you keep it over winter?
It looks like it got freezer burned lol

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Kept it in my garage, lowest it got there was probably about 40 degrees. I kept the sphagnum moss moist and during that time, the pitchers started to brown. When I took it back outside for spring, the old pitchers basically got fried and I figured it would come back but it's been a month with little to no growth.
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