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By Leonardlow
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Joined:  Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:16 pm
Hi everyone! I recently bought a VFT online couple days ago and realised theres a fly sat on a trap which was open. I thought it might has been there for awhile before I got the plant. And just last 2 days I was thinking to get rid of the fly off the trap since it was dead and I accidentally triggered the hair and it closed in seconds. Today I was about to check on my Plant and I realised the trap reopen again while the fly was still there . Can someone please explain to me that this is not normal ? Or my VFT just don’t like dead corpse ? :shock:
DD38D471-BFEC-4CC6-892B-710DD4F2D582.jpeg (2.67 MiB) Viewed 677 times
DF70FE20-E2DB-49AE-A07A-03BB19A01A64.jpeg (2.9 MiB) Viewed 677 times
By ChefDean
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It sounds like you already understand how Flytraps operate, you know you triggered the trap to close by touching the hairs.
However, it's not that your trap doesn't like dead flies, it's that the hairs must be touched again and again to stimulate the trap to seal and digest. A dead fly can't do that, but a live bug can. If a trap closes and doesn't get stimulated more, it will reopen in a day or so.
Use some small tweezers to remove the fly carcass, or maybe a toothpick to flick it out. There's nothing wrong with your plant.
Actually, you have a very nice looking specimen there. Enjoy being a plant parent.
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