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By HippoGirl05
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Joined:  Fri Apr 14, 2023 4:11 pm
Last Friday I got a pinguicula (I believe it’s a primuliflora) and I reported it asap in a mix of peat, orchid bark and sand (I eye balled it so I don’t have a ratio) and after a few days it seems ti just be going down hill and I don’t know what wrong. The leaves are shriveling and turning brown. I’m lost on what to do any advice?? For more info I have it under a grow light (8 to 12 hours depending on the day) I only water with distilled water I make sure to keep it damp at all time but not soggy.

From week one
2E5BDE8A-2198-4719-B21D-DD9E2C3E0C0F.jpeg (3.4 MiB) Viewed 646 times
From this week
41F4320B-A5BD-4C6D-9187-181E9C80E118.jpeg (4.14 MiB) Viewed 646 times
C1A79D6C-7650-469B-8C49-37D58D035549.jpeg (4 MiB) Viewed 646 times
AEBA1368-B3FD-4C8D-9979-014548CE9C33.jpeg (4.35 MiB) Viewed 646 times
CDE0D0DF-19BD-4F4F-A821-5D4835DEE9D9.jpeg (3.92 MiB) Viewed 646 times
DB027375-056F-4EA1-9830-35B8974AFD92.jpeg (4.27 MiB) Viewed 646 times
4067C3F1-F7D1-47C6-98E2-C782D4BD6ACD.jpeg (3.99 MiB) Viewed 646 times
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By wcrosman
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Did you thoroughly rinse the peat first? If not I would run some distilled water through the pot and capture it. Then test the tds. If high then rinse until it comes out below 40.

New peat can have high tds until rinsed.
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By Panman
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If this is a temperate ping, then you need to grow it different that Mexican pings. Peat and sand should be okay, but I'm not sure about the orchid bark. Primuliflora likes very wet conditions and does not like to be dried out. Since you just got it, I would try keeping it wetter and putting a plastic bag over it to raise humidity.

You don't say what kind of lights you have the plant under, but 8 to 12 hours of all but the very brightest light will not be enough. Also, I am assuming that the inside of the pot is glazed. If not, temperate pings won't like it.

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