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By Ollys
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Joined:  Wed Nov 30, 2022 7:49 pm
Excited to join a community of carnivore plant lovers. Sundews and nepenthes are hands down my favorite type so far.

I have an in progress terrarium with two sundews and a nepenthes. Outside of the terrarium is another sundew and nepenthes. Last of all, there are a couple of store rescued Venus fly traps resting in the fridge

It's probably a good thing I don't have more money or my house would be overrun already.
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By Sundews69
Posts:  2388
Joined:  Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:57 pm
Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you've read up on their care already if you know about dormancy which is great! A great way you can get some new sundews is through the Seed Bank. Make sure to check it out: seed-bank.html
By McCWells
Posts:  71
Joined:  Fri Mar 31, 2023 1:59 am
Welcome to the forum!! :mrgreen:

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