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Places to buy Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants.

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By Jonathan_
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If so what was their shipping & packaging like? It will almost cost me 300$ CDN because if I do order from them there is a minimum order since I am international. Plus a Phyto and Import permit so maybe add another 80.00$ or so. + shipping costs. Does anyone have a "DIRECT" link to where I can apply for an Import Permit here in Canada? Or better yet a Canadian supplier who can order pretty much anything? Hawaiian Botanicals doesn't have the plants I am looking for.
By neville3970
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i have ordered seeds from cedric carnivores through ebay on many occasion.

seeds go on sale in November each year

these are not the basic seeds that he sell on is web site
these are more rarer crosses there are about 40 separate crosses
selling up to £40 British pounds
i SX65A S x Leucophylla -Red & Gold) x S.x Moorei --'Leah Wilkerson crossed with SXM31 S.x Moorei -- 'Adrian Slack' Barry Meyers-Rice (H113, MK)
SX65A S x Leucophylla -Red & Gold) x S.x Moorei --'Leah Wilkerson.jpg
SX65A S x Leucophylla -Red & Gold) x S.x Moorei --'Leah Wilkerson.jpg (41.12 KiB) Viewed 1153 times
adrian slack.jpg
adrian slack.jpg (107.01 KiB) Viewed 1153 times

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