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By mo_carnivore
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C. follicularis
C. follicularis "Brewer's Clone"


D. muscipula 'Ginormous' x 'DCXL'
D. muscipula 'Kim Jong Un'
D. muscipula ‘King Henry’
D. muscipula 'Maroon Monster'


Subgenus Drosera

Section Arachnopus
D. finlaysoniana
D. serpens

Section Arcturia
D. arcturi (Turoa, Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand)

Section Brasiliae
D. camporupestris
D. chimaera
D. grantsaui (Grao Mogol, MG, Brazil)
D. grantsaui (Serra da Canastra, MG, Brazil)
D. graomogolensis
D. latifolia
D. latifolia (Campos do Jordao, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
D. latifolia (Itarare, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
D. magnifica
D. riparia (Bahia, Brazil)
D. schwackei (Diamantina, MG, Brazil)
D. spiralis
D. tomentosa var. tomentosa (Morro do Jambeiro, Grao Mogol, Brazil)
D. villosa (TYPE, Serra de Ibitipoca, MG, Brazil)

Section Bryastrum
D. allantostigma
D. callistos "Brookton Form"
D. x carbarup
D. dichrosepala
D. 'Dork's Pink'
D. enodes
D. helodes
D. helodes “Red”
D. hyperostigma
D. lasiantha
D. x legrandii
D. leucoblasta
D. omissa
D. oreopodion
D. micrantha (Cranbrook, W.A.)
D. nitudula
D. nitidula x pulchella
D. nivea
D. palacea
D. palacea "Giant"
D. parvula
D. patens
D. platystigma
D. pulchella "Orange Flower"
D. pygmaea "All Green"
D. pygmaea (Mt. Lofty)
D. roseana
D. roseana (Albany)
D. sargentii
D. scorpioides
D. sewelliae
D. silvicola
D. stelliflora
D. trichocaulis
D. verrucata

Section Drosera
D. arenicola
D. brevifolia (Warren, Texas)
D. capillaris (Hillsborough County, FL)
D. capillaris (Stump Sound, Pender County, NC)
D. esmeraldae (Cerro Duida)
D. esmeraldae (Cerro do Aracá, Amazonas, Brazil)
D. felix (Tuku Muruku, Gran Sabana)
D. filformis "All Red"
D. filformis 'Dreamsicle'
D. filformis var. filformis "New Jersey"
D. hamiltonii
D. intermedia (Stump Sound, Pender County, NC)
D. neocaledonica
D. roraimae (Cerro Adaua)
D. solaris (Maringma Tepui, Pacaraima Mts, Guyana)
D. spatulata (Beenak, Victoria, AU)
D. spatulata "Tamlin"
D. tokaiensis (?)
D. tracyi
D. ultramafica
D. viridis (Serra de Ponta Grossa, Parana State, Brazil)

Section Lasiocephala
D. broomensis (Taylor's Lagoon turn-off, Kimberley, WA)
D. derbyensis x ordensis
D. caduca (wide grass-like leaves, Baschen Creek)
D. dilato-petiolaris
D. falconeri
D. aff. lanata (Flying Fox Creek, NT, AU)
D. lanata x ordensis
D. ordensis

Section Phycopsis
D. binata var. multifida f. extrema

Section Prolifera
D. adelae 'Giant'
D. x Andromeda
D. prolifera

Section Ptycnostigma
D. admirabilis "Floating"
D. aliciae
D. capensis 'Albino'
D. capensis var. alba (Bainskloof, RSA)
D. capensis (Bainskloof Pass, RSA)
D. capensis "Big Pink"
D. capensis "Giant"
D. capensis (Gifberg)
D. capensis (Montagu Pass, Western Cape, RSA)
D. capensis "Red"
D. capensis "Narrow Leaf"
D. capensis "hairy form" (Stellenbosch, RSA)
D. capensis (Palmiet River, Western Cape, RSA)
D. capensis "Triffid Rose"
D. capensis "True Giant"
D. capensis "Wide Leaf"
D. capensis "Wide Leaf, Meadowview clone"
D. cistiflora (broad leaves and white flowers, Stanford, RSA)
D. collinsiae (?)
D. collinsiae (Faryland, RSA)
D. cuneifolia (Table Mt., RSA) Lowrie seed
D. dielsiana (?)
D. glabripes "Giant"
D. 'Hercules'
D. 'Hercules' x self
D. hilaris (Table Mountain, RSA)
D. madagascariensis
D. natalensis
D. slackii
D. venusta
D. venusta "Albino" (= coccicaulis "Alba")

Section Thelocalyx
D. burmannii "Green Plant, Pink Flower"
D. burmannii (Humpty Doo, AU)
D. sessifolia

Subgenus Ergaleium

Section Luniferae
D. auriculata "Sydney"
D. gracilis
D. lunata
D. yilgarnensis

Subgenus Regiae

Section Regiae
D. regia "Czech clone"


H. ucinata


N. dubia
N. "Miranda"
N. x ventrata


Subgenus Temnoceras

Section Temnoceras
P. agnata “Red Leaf”
P. "Apasionada"
P. 'Aphrodite'
P. cyclosecta
P. emarginata
P. gigantea
P. 'Gina'
P. gracilis
P. jaumavensis
P. kondoi
P. 'Marciano'
P. moctezumae x gypsicola
P. moranensis
P. moranensis "Libelulita"
P. moranensis x elhersiae
P. moranensis x gigantea
P. 'Pirouette'
P. rotundiflora
P. 'Weser' x agnata



S. (flava var. cuprea "Chocolate Top" x cuprea) x cuprea "Chocolate Top"
S. flava var. rubricorpora "giant red tube" x rubricorpora
S. leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' (A x E)
S. oreophila
S. purpurea subsp. purpurea
S. purpurea subsp. venosa
S. rosea
S. rubra ssp. gulfensis AF


S. areolata (leuco Green-White x nigrapurpurea)
S. 'Judith Hindle' (?)
S. mitchelliana (leuco "Red" UCD x mitch)
S. moorei (leuco Walton Co. x rubricorpora Liberty Co.)
S. moorei "Red"
S. moorei ('Saurus' x 'Adrian Slack')
S. 'Scarlett Belle'


Subgenus Bivalvaria

Section Aranella
U. blanchetii (white flower, Chapada Diamantina, MG, Brazil)

Section Calpidisca
U. bisquamata
U. livida "Mexico"
U. sandersonii "Blue"

Subgenus Utricularia

Section Foliosa
U. calycifida 'Asenath White'
U. longifolia

Section Orchioides
U. alpina
U. alpina (Auyan Tepui)
U. alpina "Pittier Moon"
U. alpina x endresii
U. cornigera
U. endresii
U. geminiloba
U. humboldtii (broad leaves, Cerro Neblina)
U. humboldtii seed grown
U. humboldtii x alpina
U. jamesoniana
U. nelumbifolia
U. nephrophylla
U. praetermissa
U. quelchii
U. quelchii "David D Clone"
U. reniformis
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By Shadowtski
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Welcome to the group. Sign up for the free seed giveaways and random drawings that generous members like Hollyhock and others sponsor. For the price of two postage stamps, you can add new species to your collection and learn a lot in the process.

Good growing,
By scrapperella
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Are you selling? I am just starting and looking for some like the Drosera graomogolensis. Interested in recommendations as well. Will be in a green room in a zone 6 state. Green room with have pond and good humidity. Even interested in some which could grow on rocks... I have seen a few rock gardens... but still learning and taking notes...

By mo_carnivore
Posts:  536
Joined:  Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:20 pm
Organized a bit more and took away the trade icons. That doesn't mean I can't trade/buy -- if you see something on here that you want, feel free to PM me and for most of them I should be able to get you something. If not, give me a few months and I can propagate it for you!

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