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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By SEWinans
I would like to place an order from in September. If anyone is interested please let me know.
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By SEWinans

How much did you pay for shipping? I wonder what other varieties he has that aren't mentioned. I am definitely interested. His prices are lower.
By Jds197
I might be interested in a group order from either of these places depending on what's going on with the postponed wistuba group order which I already committed to (I can only spend so much money on plants in a month lol)
By Jds
My order was 150€(including shipping and phyto) combined with one of my friend.
Total cost for phyto+shipping was approx 25€(phyto)+10€(shipping to India),so it will be slightly more for US,but since it will be group order he might bargain.
But he will take some time to ship(reason shown in website),but not more than 2 weeks if you all send him confirmed order.
By Eric
I'm up for carnivoria

By katya_dog1
Well, obviously there's something on that site to tempt Matt to join... ;)

VFTs? He's got a good selection of weirdos.

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