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By mfriend
Posts:  17
Joined:  Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:45 pm
I've been checking the store on a daily basis and also had a notification set to let me know when the DC XL's were in stock. I didn't receive a notification... but noticed it was in stock this morning and quickly placed my order! I couldn't help myself... and also ordered a Big Mouth and a collection of small Jaws....

Now as long as my wife never finds out I spent $50.00 for one VFT (DC XL)... i'll be alive to enjoy it :lol:

By happiness
Haha! I laughed when I told my boyfriend about spending $50 on one plant. I said "Guess how much I spent on my DC XL!" Hes like .. "$20?".. I said no, "15?" nope. "30?!?!" nope.. "40...!?!!?!?" nope. 50"!"!!?@2;1l1 yes. xD! He was like $50?!?!? What the hell!

You should post some pictures! :D
By mfriend
Posts:  17
Joined:  Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:45 pm
I'll post some pics when I get them. The last time I ordered any carnivorous plants was April 2011 so its been awhile. At the time I ordered about 30 VFT's, some sundews, x3 pitchers, and one cobra (I think I got at least 20 plants from Matt - a couple of mystery boxes, etc). Now I have at least 90 VFT's.... I really like the VFT's with big traps.

I also ordered a few Nepenthes from ebay which I have never raised before so I'm a little nervous about them...
By happiness
90 venus flytraps o_o! And i keep telling myself I have a lot!!

My first purchase from FTS was a mystery box, wouldn't mind buying another one! Love the chance of getting new VFT's to add to the collection!

The VFT's that are big are my favorite too! I bought one at a nursery for 8.99 that was sickly except for this huge green trap that stood out. I had to get it, but it ended up dying, now its tiny typical sprouts :'( But that's okay! I have a DC XL that will grow into a monster! :D... or even many monsters!!

.. I don't have any Nepenthes but would love to own one. They are neat plants.
I'm sure you won't have too much of a problem raising them with the help of this forum. If you ever have any problems, someones always here to help.

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