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By monkey_Cup
I am interested in multifida extreama, i have some open pollinated sarracenia seeds and i have some drosera filiformis FL giant. If your interested let me know thanks.

By Sander
Interrested in :D

Capensis X Spathulata
Multifida extrema

Got the following for trade.
D. muscipula
d. spatulata "lovellae"
d. intermedia
d. intermedia "gran sabana"
d. rotundifolia
d. curviscapa
d. natelensis
d. sp. chimanimani mountains zimbabwe
D. x. ultramafica x spatulata
p. Agnata
D. capensis x aliciaea
D. nidiformis

Every package has 100 seeds except for the p. agnata and d. muscipula (20x each)

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