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By benny_dwr
Hello everyone

I'm new here and new to keeping these VFT plants hopefully someone could help me.
So after receiving this plant as a gift(she got it from swampwrold) after a week there was a trap open and I wanted to feed it but it didn't take the fly, but I noticed a white spot on the trap and it has grown a bit.
anyone knows what it is?

a little side note: my GF had it half a week but she fed every trap that was open with fly before she gave it to me.
as you see I think it mould but... I realy don't know
as you see I think it mould but... I realy don't know
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By Cross
It looks like an odd mold to me. Did you just water it, is that what the liquid is? Were the flies dead? If so, it likely never fully closed because it wasn't stimulated into closing fully.

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By salty
It just looks like a little mold on the remains of its last meal. I wouldn’t worry about it. That trap is hyper extended because it has been triggered multiple times and will likely not trigger shut anymore. It will continue to photosynthesize and produce energy for the plant until it’s ready to die. Being the trap isn’t going to spring shut you could probably just wipe that off with a wet Qtip.
By Fieldofscreams
That's normal, it's just mold from its last catch, nothing to worry about.

That trap is done though, it's only job now is to photosynthesize so just leave it be.
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