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By ChefDean
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SeshGremlinOfTheBog wrote: Thu Mar 31, 2022 5:48 pmI have read that bloodworms are good in a different forum (the name escapes me)
They are pretty good, but they don't compare to fresh, live prey IMO. A lot of people like them because they store easily and you can mix up as small of a batch as needed. It takes a wee bit more attention (have to come back in 30 minutes to massage it more to stimulate sealing and digestion), but many people like to use them.
SeshGremlinOfTheBog wrote: but I have also heard you can just straight up put blood in the soil??
No. Not only will that put nutrients into the media that the plant may not like such as sodium, calcium, iron, etc., but, as the blood decomposes (translation: rots), you could have the wonderful aroma of rotting meat. Mmmmmm!
SeshGremlinOfTheBog wrote:Some of the new heads that sprout are black as they curl out of the leaf, and the others are going black on the teeth and leaves too, I'm really upset about it and am at a loss of what to do...
Sounds like a possible case of mineral burn, but could have many explanations. A pic is worth a thousand words.
SeshGremlinOfTheBog wrote:Also, links to bloodworms that didn't kill off your plants?
Dried ones from the pet store that do not contain any other ingredients. Only dehydrated bloodworms.

On a different note. Many people have, or develop, allergies to bloodworms. As with any allergy, it can develop suddenly and severely, so monitor yourself if you decide to utilize them.
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By Apollyon
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Yeah, Chef is right. Without a picture you can only guess what the issue could be. I've found when using bloodworms that it's effective to crush a few of them and mix a drop of water to make it into a paste of sorts. Provided it's in a ventilated area, a plant can munch on that for a while.
What's the difference?

I got about 6 of them sprouted so far

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