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By Matt
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Joined:  Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:28 pm
Hello FlytrapCare members,

After a very long wait and many, many inquiries, the fourth FlytrapCare photo contest is finally about to begin! The CP photo contest will open for on submissions Monday, February 14th. The rules are as follows:

Photo Contest Rules:
1. One carnivorous plant photo submission per user; your submission is final.
2. The photo must be no more than three months old and must be of a plant you own.
3. The photo can be of any species of carnivorous plant, but the plant species must be included with your post (although, i.e. "Sarracenia unknown hybrid" is acceptable). The make/model of camera that took the pic is not required, but should be included if known. Camera settings like exposure time, aperture setting and ISO setting would also be nice, but are not required.
4. The plant must have been in the owner's possession for at least 3 months.
5. You must post your country of residence along with your submission.
6. Photo contest entrants must have a FlytrapCare "Joined" date of January 15, 2011 or earlier.

Submissions can be made by uploading the photo directly to this forum (once the contest starts) or uploading the photo to the community portion of the site ( ... oader.html) and posting a link to them here.

Please upload your photos to the February 2011 FlytrapCare Photo Contest Official Submission Thread

The contest is open for submissions for 14 days, closing the evening of February 28th. After the contest closes for submissions, a poll will be made from all of the submitted photos and every forum member will have three votes for the photos that they like the best. Voting will be open for 10 days, starting the morning of the 1st of March and ending the morning of March 10th. Each person will be allowed to vote for up to three photos.

Winners will be announced shortly after the contest closes.

Now, for the part you've all been waiting for....the prizes! Top three finishers will receive prizes.
Photo Contest Prizes:
For winners in the US:
1st - Cephalotus follicularis
2nd - Dionaea 'B52'
3rd - Dionaea 'Red Piranha'

In addition, the Home Tissue Culture Group (via Carol Stiff), has generously made a donation as well.

The overall top finisher in the US will get their choice of one of the following:
* Kitchen Culture Kit - This is a great kit for anyone wanting to start learning tissue culture.
* A Kitchen Culture Kit DVD
* Frank Tromble Carnivorous Plant TC DVD
* 10ml of PPM (Plant Preservative Mixture)

Thanks a lot for the generous donation Carol!

For winners in the EU, the prizes will be very generously provided by Carl (mlvc2002) of Shropshire Carnivores and are:
1st - Sarracenia Alata, Black tube,De Soto National Forest, (Mike King A27)
2nd - Sarracenia leucophylla,“BL“ site (Mike King L56)
3rd - Sarracenia purpurea, subsp purpurea, Vigorous form (Mike King PP6)

User moof (Peter) has also graciously donated a set of D.prolifera, U.tricolor and U.nephrophylla for the top finisher in Europe regardless of overall place (even if no one in Europe makes the top 3)!

For winners in Canada, the prizes will be very generously provided by Jun (hackerberry) and are:
1st - Nepenthes Singapore Garden Tek.
2nd - Cephalotus follicularis
3rd - 1 clump of VFTs.

For winners in Australia, the prizes will be very generously provided by John (snapperhead51) and are:
1st - N.ventricosa x trusmadiensis 300 mm tall
2nd - Heliamphora tequila 170 to 180 mm tall
3rd - Sarracenia hybrid 150 mm tall donated by the ACPS Adelaide

For winners in other countries, the prizes will be:
1st - Three packets of Dionaea seeds from the FlytrapStore
2nd - Two packets of Dionaea seeds from the FlytrapStore
3rd - One packet of Dionaea seeds from the FlytrapStore

All plant prizes will ship bare root (not potted and without soil).

Additionally, the top three places will receive a FlytrapStore T-shirt!

I suppose it should be made clear that there are NOT three winners in the US, and three in the EU, and three in Canada and three in other countries. There are three winners total, and if you're one of the three, you can figure out what prize you'll get based on where you live and the prize lists above.

I want to say that I'm very thankful to John, Jun and Peter for being willing to donate some seriously awesome prizes to the contest.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. I very much look forward to seeing some awesome photos of carnivorous plants!
By David F
Posts:  1649
Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
My plants are hideous right now, but we'll see by feb 28th if there is any improvement. Hopefully there will be another contest soon. Thanks for getting this up again Matt, and thanks to those who donated the prizes for the winners.
By jht-union
Posts:  3205
Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:43 pm
Great, i better start taking some pics now, normally what i do to choose my best pic, is take some pics today, then tomorrow and so on, and then i choose the photo i like the most!
I'm glad we have a contest again! :)
By Daniel_G
Posts:  5472
Joined:  Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:27 pm
Thais is annoying, i can't do pictures of my Sarracenia or Nepenthes :( Oh well, Dionea and Drosera it is!!!!!

Go contest!
By dantt99
Posts:  5045
Joined:  Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:48 am
Daniel_G wrote:Thais is annoying, i can't do pictures of my Sarracenia or Nepenthes Oh well, Dionea and Drosera it is!!!!!

Go contest!
I was thinking the same thing. I can't do my Sarracenia or my Cephalotus :(. I've got to do it with my cupped trap because my typical actually looks dormant :lol:
By BradR
Posts:  450
Joined:  Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:00 pm
If you have to have the plant in your possession for 3 months, then it eliminates the use of any photos of plants growing in the wild. Not fair.
And what about plants growing in vitro?
By BradR
Posts:  450
Joined:  Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:00 pm
snapperhead51 wrote:Brad that the idea of the photo contest , to show your very own plants and growing experiences and see how close you can get to the wild looking plants !!
I see what you are saying John, but then it would be a "Cultivation Contest" instead of a "Photo Contest" and you would win every time. :D :lol:


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