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FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank Inventory and how to request

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:46 pm
by Shadowtski
Welcome to the FlyTrapCare Community Seed Bank
Where the emphasis is on community.

Please read the rules, located after the inventory in this thread. They explain how to order seed and how to donate seed.
US members may order one package of seed per calendar month (request must be timestamped by midnight CST on the last day of the month to be for that month), International members may order three packages once every three months.
To order seeds, post a new topic here.

Inventory Class 0: These seeds may be ordered by any FlyTrapCare Forum member.

Drosera capensis "Alba" - 20 pkg
Drosera capensis "Typical" - 8 pkg + bulk
Drosera capensis mix of various varieties - Bulk Seed
D. finlaysoniana - 16 pkg
D. spatulata - 2 pkg
D. Intermedia "Temperate" - 7 pkg + bulk
D. filiformis filiformis "Temperate" - 40 pkg

Inventory Class 1: These easy to grow species may be ordered by any FlyTrapCare Forum member active at least 1 month with 5 non-giveaway posts.
Dionaea muscipula FTS OP - 21 pkg
D. binata - 1 pkg
D. binata "Small Red Form" - bulk seed
D. binata "T-Form, self fertile" - 5 pkg
D. binata var Multifida - 3 pkg
Drosera burmannii - 17 pkg
Drosera burmannii "All Green" - 2 pkg
Drosera capensis "Big Pink" x (Hercules x self) - 2 pkg
D. capensis (Bot River) - 1 pkg
Drosera capensis "Narrow Leaf" - 7 pkg
D. capensis "Wide Leaf" - 7 pkg
Drosera capillaris - 6 pkg
D. Capillaris (Eatonville, FL) - 3 pkg
D. capillaris "Emeralds Envy" - 4 pkg
Drosera X 'Hercules' x Self - 2 pkg
Drosera (x Hercules x self) x D. Capensis "Big Pink) - 2 pkg
Drosera natalensis - 4 pkg
Drosera nidiformis - 1 pkg plus bulk
Drosera sessilifolia - 4 pkg
D. snyderi - 8 pkg
D. spatulata (Ahipara Gumfields, NZ) - 2 pkg
Drosera spatulata (Beenak Vic, Aus.) - 13 pkg
D. spatulata complex - "ultramafica fakes" 1 pkg
Drosera spatulata (Fraser Island) - 4 pkg
D. spatulata var Gympiensis - 2 pkg + bulk
D. spatulata var Lovellae - 6 pkg
D. spatulata "Pink Okinawa" - 1 pkg
Drosera spatulata "Tamlin" - 5 pkg
Drosera spatulata x D. ultramafica -1 pkg
Drosera tokaiensis - 14 pkg
D. Ultramafica x Spatulata - bulk

Inventory Class 2: These species require a little more skill to grow or need stratification or dormancy or they are easy to grow but somewhat rare. These species may be ordered by any member with 3 months active membership and 25 non-giveaway posts(Or any donor).
Byblis liniflora - bulk
D. capensis (Matroosberg, Silverhill Seed) - 1 pkg
D. capensis "Merry-Go-Round" x self - 1 pkg
D. capensis (Vanrhynsdorp, from ICPS) - 2 pkg
D. collinsiae - 4 pkg
D. collinsiae "Faryland" - 1 pkg
D. dreamsicle OP - 1 pkg + bulk
Drosera Filiformis var Floridana - bulk
D. filiformis var Floridana "All Red" - bulk
Drosera Intermedia (Brunswick Co. NC) - 9 pkg + bulk seed
D. intermedia (Pender Co. NC) - 2 pkg
Drosera Intermedia (Roraima, Brazil (Tropical))
- bulk seed
Drosera intermedia "Temperate" - bulk seed
Drosera intermedia "Temperate" (Bear River/Creek, Monmouth Co., NJ) - 9 pkg
Drosera intermedia "Temperate" "North Carolina" - 13 pkg
Drosera intermedia "Temperate" - (Stump Sound - Pender Co. - NC) - 7 pkg
Drosera Nitidula - 1 pkg
D. riparia - 1pkg
Drosera rotundifolia (Meadowview Biological Station) - 4 pkg
D. spatulata (Coloane Macau) - 2 pkg
S. Flava OP - 5 pkg
S. Flava var Ornata - bulk seed
S. Flava Rubricorpora - bulk seed
S. purpurea var Venosa OP - 1 pkg
S. Ras OP - 8 pkg (possible parentage rugelli, leuco "Red", HCW, and/or alata "Night")
Maxsea (fertilizer) - bulk 1/2 tsp per request (makes 2 gallons)

tuberous Drosera:
D. auriculata "Sydney" - 1 pkg
D. auriculata "Anglesa" - 1 pkg

Sarracenia complex crosses -

Complex Sarracenia Hybrids, Please use the Sarr*** numbers when requesting these seeds.

Sarr 001) Leigha Simone x Leah Wilkerson - 1 pkg

Sarr 005) Flava var maxima x Leah Wilkerson - 2 pkg

Sarr 016) Sarracenia 'Lynda Butt' Open Pollinated - 1 pkg

Sarr 018 - flava F49EM OP - 3 pkg

Sarr 019 flava OP - 2 pkg

Sarr 021 - flava var rubri 'Claret' OP - 1 pkg

Sarr 022 - Leah W x flava rubri x flava F37EM - 3
2 pkg

Sarr 023 - Uncle Creepy x flava F37EM - 0 pkg

Sarr 024 - flava F37EM x HCW - 0 pkg

Sarr 026 - leuco x flava Ornata x flava rubri 'Claret' - 1 pkg

Sarr 027 - flava x flava F37EM - 3 pkg

Sarr 028 - flava F49EM x flava F39EM - 1 pkg

Sarr 032 - Sarracenia 'Leah Wilkerson' X S. 'Judith Hindle' - 0 pkg

Inventory Class 3: These seeds are suggested for advanced growers. They are rare or they require specific conditions or treatments to germinate or grow. These species may be ordered by any member with 12 months active membership and 100 non-giveaway posts (Or any donor).

B. aquatica "Robust form" - 2 pkg

D. aff. ordensis (Timber Creek 2) x D. ordensis (Kununurra, 13 km west) - 1 pkg

It takes anywhere from 6 months to 7 years to grow a carnivorous plant from seed to maturity although most mature in 1 - 2 years. If you lack patience or want to build up some familiarity with growing CPs, you can always order a full grown plant from FlyTrapStore, which is run by Matt, this forum's administrator and owner.

Happy growing,
Dean Smith
Seedbank Manager

FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank Rules & Suggestions

This is a community project to allow FTC Forum members to share excess seeds from their cultivated Carnivorous Plants. Its main purpose is to help beginners get started. It can help experienced growers expand their collections. It won't work without your support.

The seedbank does not want to discourage individual seed giveaways or replace them.

FTC Community Seedbank is open to all FTC Forum members.

There is no charge for seeds, send in an SASE, get seeds. (What is an SASE?)
We believe in the "Pay it Forward" philosophy. Contribute to the community and help other members.

The seedbank inventory will be listed in this forum and updated. Seeds will be classified by ease of cultivation with the more difficult species going to more experienced members.

You must be a member of FlyTrapCare Forums to order seed.

You may order one package of seeds per calendar month for US addresses, request must be made before midnight CST of the last day of the month to qualify for that month. For International addresses, it is once every three months. (See below, Procedure - International)

Seeds are distributed on a first come - first served basis. If there are 5 requests for a species and 3 in stock, then the first 3 requests get them.

Seeds may not be resold or traded, but excess seed may be given to a fellow grower.

The seedbank is run by volunteers, please be patient with us.

Please contact the Seedbank Manager by P.M. with all problems and suggestions. This Seedbank is a work in progress. Everything here is subject to change.

This is Matt's forum. He is the final arbiter. He has the final word.

Ordering Seed

Please read all the rules and stickies before you order. Make sure you're eligible to order the species you want.

Procedure - US
1) Start a new thread in this forum (For Example...Hollyhock wants Drosera capensis "Typical") and post it here. Post must be time stamped before midnight CST on the last day of the month to be for that month.
2) Seedbank Manager will reply to your thread and P.M. you with an order number and his mailing address. He will remove your seeds from the Seedbank inventory.
3) Make up an SASE. (#10 business size envelope suggested {4 1/8" x 9 1/2"} ) Write your Forum UserName, Order Number, and Species Wanted on a piece of paper and enclose it in the SASE. (What is an SASE?)
4) Mail the SASE.
5) Post a reply to your thread, stating that you have mailed the SASE.
6) Seedbank Manager receives SASE, fulfills order, mails it back to you, and replies to the thread that he has done so.
7) You receive seed and reply to thread that it has arrived.
8) Thread is closed.
9) You participate in the Forums, be a member of the community, and learn how to grow those seeds that have just arrived. Ask questions. Answer questions.

Procedure - International
1) Start a new thread in this forum (example: ChefDean requests D. Capensis "typical") and post it here. Indicate that this is an International request.
2) Seedbank Manager will respond to your request with an order number, and send you a PM with instructions to send postage. Do not mail a SASE. He will then remove your requested seeds from inventory.
3)Once postage has been sent, you respond to the PM indicating postage has been sent and include your exact mailing address.
4)After confirmation of postage paid and address received, the Seedbank Manager will put your seeds together, mail them, and post on the request thread that they've been sent.
5)When you receive the seeds, post that on the request thread, thread is now closed.

International requests can be made once every three calendar months, but you can request up to three pack of seeds that you are eligible for. This is due to many factors that the requester assumes all responsibility for.

Higher cost ($2 US for a letter sized piece), longer time in transit, poor handling en route, it might get stopped at a border, wrong address given, it might just simply be lost/disappear, etc.

If you want to donate seeds, contact the Seedbank Manager for an address where you can send them. In lieu of the 48 hour, early availability perk, International donors will be rewarded with one extra pack of seeds with their next request., Matt, the Seedbank Manager, Admins, or Moderators cannot be held responsible for any aspect of International requests or donations.

The replies to the original request thread allow everyone to follow the order and encourage timely transactions. They allow the Seedbank Manager to keep track of things and hopefully not make too many mistakes. If an envelope disappears, you can see at a glance when it was last handled.

If you order seed and don't mail your SASE in 2 weeks, your order will be cancelled and those seeds will be returned to inventory. If you don't post that you've mailed it, I'll assume you didn't mail it.

Donating Seed

Please donate the excess seed from your cultivated CP. This seedbank can't survive without it.

Donating Procedure
1) P.M. Seedbank Manager for mailing address and see if seed is needed (If there is half a pound of Drosera capensis seed in the Seedbank, that's probably enough.) If your seed species isn't listed in the Seedbank inventory, suggest the appropriate classification for it. (1= easy to grow), (2= Dormancy or Stratification needed or easy to grow but rare), or (3= very rare species or special conditions needed for germination or cultivation.)
2) Optional but it makes my job easier: Clean your seed. Separate stalks and flower debris from seed.
3) Optional but it makes my job easier: Portion your seed into individual seed packets. (Origami seed packets) (Origami envelopes) 25 - 100 seeds per pack for small Drosera seeds, 10 - 25 for Sarracenia or Dionaea, 5 - 10 for rare species.
4) Make sure your seed is legibly labelled with the species, date collected, and your Forum Username. Please be relatively certain of your species ID.
5) Mail your seed. A padded envelope is requested for large seeds and large quantities of small seed. Padded envelopes protect seed against crushing by mail handling machinery. 1/4 inch is maximum thickness for normal letter postage. If you use a normal envelope, please pad it the best you can.
6) Bask in the warm glow and good feelings you get from helping your fellow CP grower.

But Wait! There's more!
Donors will make or break this Seedbank. You should get some special perk for donating. And here's what we're going to do. Anyone who donates seed will get 48 hours advance notice before a new species is posted publicly on the Seedbank Forum. This will give you the first crack at new species and an opportunity to beat the crowd. But to keep things as fair as possible, even seed donors will be limited to ordering one package a month, same as everyone else.