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By Striel
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Hello everyone!

I'm relatively new to keeping venus flytraps I only ever had one for 1 year and fortunately is still alive and multiplying like crazy.

Around March it started to send up a flower stalk that I decided to cut at 5,5 cm (2,16 inches) and later another flower stalk came up that I cut at about 7-8 cm (2.75-3.15 inches). I just stuck both of them in the ground upright near the mother plant. The shorter one got quite red on one side and didn't turn black for quite a while. Unfortunately, the longer one that I actually stuck in deeper turned black much faster.
In early August I had to divide the mother plant because it was too crowded so I had to pull out the stalks. The shorter one, to my surprise, had many little propagations, while the other one only had 1 or 2. The longer stalk now is in the ground but horizontally and nothing come up yet.

During the past week, it didn't get much light the soil got very damp, which is pure sphagnum I believe, and recently I put it outside in the full sun where the temperature is somewhere around 35-40 Celsius (95-104 Fahrenheit). The other day I noticed white spots on the stalk which I believe is mold.

Can anyone give me some tips on how should I care for this propagation, also what should I do about the mold?
Can little propagations like mine survive winter dormancy?
Thanks for the help :D

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