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Fertilizing orchid near CPs

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:35 pm
by Fishkeeper
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This is the corner of my CP setup. That's a 10 gallon aquarium, lying on its side, with the top side removed. There's a strip of acrylic across the rim, so basically it's a tray with glass on 3 sides.
The sprig in the corner is a Vanda orchid, which I'd like to fertilize.
Right under it is a Christmas cactus.
Under them both is the watering tray containing all my CP pots.

Is there any way I can fertilize the orchid without it getting on the other plants? Maybe remove the orchid, spritz it with the fertilizer, and let it sit until it dries? I'm trying to figure out how to prevent fertilizer from running off into the tray when I mist everything, and if the Christmas cactus pot would contain all the fertilizer, assuming I never top-water the cactus.

Or is there just not any way to safely fertilize the orchid like this? It's Better-Gro fertilizer, if that makes a difference.