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Venus Fly Traps
DM Typicals
DM Seedlings (Sown 5/13)
DM Seedlings (Sown 2/14)
DM Jaws
DM B52
DM Ginormous
DM Colorado Giant
DM FTS Maroon Monster
DM King Henry
DM BZ Razorback
DM UK Sawtooth II
DM Dutch Delight
DM Low Giant
DM Wally
DM Fine tooth x Red
DM FTS Crimson Sawtooth
DM Southwest Giant
DM Dingley Giant
DM Dirk Ventham's Giant (G14)
DM Megatraps (G17)
DM Big Mouth
DM WIP Long Snapper
DM El Gecko Large Traps
DM Pink Venus
DM Dentate
DM Big Red Snapper
DM WIP Slim Snapper
DM BZ 1955
DM SD Draco
DM FTS Tall Giant
DM Alien
DM FTS Flamming Lips

D. Capensis Typical
D. Capensis Red Form
D. Spathulata
D. Scorpiodes
D. Capillaris x Intermedia
D. Binata var dichotoma red
D. Regia
D. Adelae
D. California Sunset
D. Binata Dichotoma Giant
D. Filiformis 'Florida Giant'
D. Filiformis 'Florida All Red'
D. Binata Marston Dragon

North American Pitchers
S. Tarnok
S. Daina's Delight
S. Cobra Nest
S. (some unknown hybrid)
S. Purpurea
S. [[Redmanx(flava x alata)] x Doreen's Colossus]
S. (alata black tube x flava rubricorpora)
S. Minor
S. Areolata
S. Don's Flava
S. CPC hybrid #16
S. Reptilian Rose
S. Leah Wilkerson
S. (Adrian Slack x Judtith Hindle)
S. Hurricane Creek White Ex F
S. (Leah Wilkerson x Adrian Slack)
S. [Catesbaie (yellow form) x (purpurea x flava)]
S. [leucophylla x (flava x alata)]
S. (mitchelliana x moorei)
S. (bronze x coppertop)
S. (Mesa Exotics x flava var ornata)
S. (Oreophila x moorei)
S. (Wilkerson's Red x Leah Wilkerson)
S. Excellens 'Phil'
S. (Flava var Rubricorpora "Agristart" x Flava var Ornata)
S. (Rubra Gulf. Giant x Leucophylla)
S. Royal Ruby
S. Rubricorpora App Fl Clone B
S. Flava Ornata
S. Willow Creek
S. [(leuco x rubra)x minor giant]x Doreen's Colossus
S. Ladies in Waiting
S. Montana

P. Primuliflora
P. Laueana
P. Gigantea
P. Sethos
P. Aphrodite

Tropical Pitchers
N. (some unknown hybrid)
N. Ventricosa x Talangensis
N. Ventricosa x Truncata

Marsh/Sun pitcher
H. Minor
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Posts:  41
Joined:  Fri May 17, 2013 6:20 am

DM BZ Razorback
DM UK Sawtooth II
DM Dutch Delight
DM Low Giant
DM Wally

S. [Redmanx(flava x alata)] x Doreen's Colossus
S. alata black tube x flava rubricorpora

H. Minor

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