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By Philipp_J
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Joined:  Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:52 am
Here is my offer:

Pinguicula Esseriana, 2 small plants 3,5€
small Pinguicula Ermarginata, 2,5€
Drosera admirabilis {Ceres}, 4€
Drosera Aliciae, 2€
Drosera Capensis, 2€
Drosera x Synderi, 2€
Drosera venusta, 2 small plants 2€
Drosera venusta {Tsitsikama National Parc, RSA}, 2 small plants 3€
small Dionaea `all green` from seeds, 2 small plants 2€
and very much indeterminate Drosera
I also accept a exchange :)

I accept only a bank transfer, no Paypal.
Regards Philipp
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