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By Nigel09
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Pick any 5 plants from Section 1 for £20 or any 5 plants from Section 2 for £30

B52 (2cm)
Big Mouth (2-3cm)
Bimbo (2cm)
Bristle Tooth (2cm)
Bohemian Garnet (2cm)
Brutal Shark (2-3cm)
BZ Razorback (2cm)
Coq Couche (2cm)
Coquillage (2cm)
Crocodile (2cm)
Cropped Tooth/Blotchy (2cm)
Cupped trap (2cm)
Cup Trap New Clone ex. Cristian Klein (1.5cm)
Degeneration (Cross Tooth x Akai Ryu) (2cm)
Dent Stress (2cm)
Dutch Delight (2cm)
Eyelash (2-3cm
F04 Red Fused Petiole (2cm)
Fang (2cm)
Fused Tooth China (1.5-2cm)
Fussy Teeth (2-3cm)
Fuzzy Teeth (2cm)
GB01 (2cm)
Green Fused Tooth (2cm)
Green Piranha (2cm)
Green Saw Teeth (2cm)
Hair Cam / Cluster Trap (2cm)
Killer Queen (2cm)
Louchapates (2cm)
Microdent (2cm)
Multidents (2cm)
Pink Venus (2cm)
Pluto (2cm)
Red Dentate (2cm)
Red Pablo (2cm)
Red Shark Tooth (2cm)
Saw Teeth (3cm)
Scarlet Bristle (1.5-2cm)
Schuppenstiel I (2cm)
Schuppenstiel II (2cm)
Seed Grown Clone Thick Tooth (ex. Kai Becker) (2-3cm
Shark Tooth (2-3cm)
SL021 (2cm)
SL034 Wave (2cm)
SL Seedling (2cm)
Snake Dentition (2cm)
Spider (2-3cm)
Straubis Pink (2-3cm)
Teeth Selektion 1 (2cm)
Tiger Teeth (2cm)
Triton (1.5-2cm)
Viridis (3cm)
WB9 (3cm)
Weinrot (2cm)
Whale (2cm)
Yellow (2-3cm) £5
Clone 007 (ex. (3cm)
Clone 008 (ex. Carnivoria) (3cm)
Clone 010 (ex. (3cm)
Clone 013 (ex. Carnivoria) (2cm)
Clone 015 (ex. (2.5cm)
Clone 016 (ex. (2cm)
Clone 022 (ex. Carnivoria) (3cm)
Clone 023 (ex. Carnivoria) (3cm)

Angel Wings (1.5-2cm)
Basmati (1.5cm)
Destroyer (2cm)
Dracula (2cm)
Firemouth (2cm)
Freaky Star (2cm)
Flat Spotted (2cm)
FTS Archangel
FTS Flaming Lips (2cm)
FTS Shogun Star (2cm)
Giant Clam / Vlnka (1.5-2cm)
Great White Shark (2cm)
Green Wizard (2cm)
Kayan (3cm)
Kinky Wave (1.5cm)
Korean Melody Shark (1.5cm)
Lep Giant (2cm)
Long Red Fingers (1.5-2cm)
Microdent x Weinrot #1 (2-3cm)
Microdent x Weinrot #2 (2-3cm)
Microdent x Weinrot #3 (2-3cm)
Microdent x Weinrot #4 (2cm)
Monkey Ass (2cm)
Moon Trap (1.5-2cm)
Phalanx (2cm)
Pluto #17 (2cm)
Raptor (2cm)
Red Cup Trap (1.5cm)
Red Pluto (1-2cm)
Space (2cm)
Sunrise (1.5-2cm)
Vitiligo (2cm)
Wacky Trap (2cm)
Werewolf (1.5-2cm)
Whale x Bristle Tooth (2cm)
Wiki (1.5-2cm)
WB7 (2cm)

Bloody Square (2-3cm) £15
GJ Green Schuppenstiel / Schuppenstiel III (2-3cm) £15
Master of Disaster (2-3cm) £15
Miss Pimbêche / Miss Minx (2-3cm) - £12
Red Micro Teeth (2cm) - £12

Plants will be sent bare root.

UK shipping cost from £6.60 - with tracking
EU shipping cost £12.60 - with tracking or £7.60 without tracking (at buyer own risk)

Payment via PayPal.

Please send PM if interested.

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