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By mnwatson1
Just got them potted up, and they're
sitting in some dappled shade as they get over shock from traveling. :). Lots of variety, 8 different plants!

I'll be adding them all to my grow list soon, waiting for it to cool down before I go back to copy down the tags, as I forgot to while potting them, lol. Awesome plants, I can't thank you enough, Eric!!
By mnwatson1
Glad they made it ok. Took them forever. Youre more than welcome!

Lol, with the mail not running the 4th, I wasn't too surprised. :) Love 'em, thanks SO much!!!!

These are the plants I received, from what I could read on the tags. ^^ If I have any wrong, please let me know!

S. Jonesii
Leah Wilkerson x Brunswick Beauty Vic H
Flava x Wilisii
Rubra x Oreo x Oreo x Flava
Leuco Purp n White giant form x Flava Rubicorpus
Brenna Marshall
Orange Fireop Oliv 2011
Oreo Sand Mountain
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