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List the plants you grow

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By DeadlyCarnivore
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Hello! It's been about 4 years since I have done a grow list so here goes!

EDIT: added in some new Tillandsia

D. Carbarup
D. Hookeri
D. Omissa
D. Omissa x Pulchella
D. Ramellosa "White" Flower
D. Squamosa x Collina
D. Tubaestylis - NEW

U. Sandersonnii "Blue"

T. Aeranthos
T. Albertiana Clump "Red Bloom"
T. Andreana
T. Balbisiana
T. Bryoides
- I also have some seedlings I am very excited about, still very tiny.
T. Bulbosa
T. Butzii
T. Caput Medusae
T. Clump
T. Diaguitensis
T. Fasciculata - NEW
T. Fuchsii
T. Funkiana Clump
T. Harrisii
T. Houston Princess
T. Ionantha
T. Ionantha var. Vanhyningii (I think?)
T. Nana
T. Neglecta
- Starting to create tiny little pups, it's turning into a little clump!
T. Neglecta Giant Form Clump
T. Streptophylla
T. Subsecundifolia Clump - NEW
T. Tectorum
T. Velickiana
T. Xerographica
One Unidentified one, Waiting for an ID on it before I add it to the list.

A VERY SMALL Kingianum Dendrobium(Pink Orchid)
Platycerium x2 (Staghorn Fern)

I plan on expanding my Drosera collection when I move out and I am currently expanding my Tillandsia collection because I can hang those. If you guys want pictures, I can post them! They won't be as amazing as the pictures you guys post, but I can try.

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