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By That one plant boi
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Joined:  Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:34 pm
Hello guys! So today I received a darlingtonia which appears to be a stolon cutting, but it has just one little new root that is in the beginning stages of growth. Would it be possible for this plant to pull through?

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By SundewWolf
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Given the optimal conditions, yes, it should root fine especially since it does have a root budding out.

I don't really screw around with stolons much since I want my pot to start filling out and eventually have a small tub of Darlingtonia, but once I tore one off in the middle of winter thinking I should have a "back-up plant" if it got too cold in my garage and I rooted it in my Heliamphora terrarium. I would say that bagging it up in sphagnum and keeping it in an air conditioned room would be your best bet for survival.

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