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By Matt
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BrunoL wrote:Even Matt?!!! What flytraps don't you have?
Well, there are quite a few there that I don't grow, but only a very few that I'm interested in getting.

Adentate and Space are two I don't currently grow that I'd like to add. And I'd like to get another Werewolf, as mine had a setback last year. It's still alive, but I'd like to get another one for insurance so I can hopefully get a flower stalk to get it in TC.
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By HeliamphoraWalnut
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Yay, adentate is like a better looking colliquue(or however you spell that)
Also, usually in europe, flytrap cultivars are cheaper. With the exception of FTS, The collique is almost HALF the price of the ones at cz plants, and the wacky traps is AT LEAST $15 cheaper. Buy at FTS, guys!
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By jwalker
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I've ordered from them in November for seeds And had no problems at all. It took a little longer then I thought but no complaints.
By BrunoL
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hackerberry wrote:Funny coincidence. ... plants-com
Thanks for letting us know! Hopefully they get their act together by March. I'll follow this situation and I'll see if I should continue this group order or start another one for a different more reliable distributer. Do you guys have any suggestions for alternatives in case this doesn't work out? (Not carnivoresandmore, it's way too complicated)
By BrunoL
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I think our order will be fine, by the way. I know two members on these forums who ordered from CZ plants and their plants arrived within a week. Canada is quite strict when it comes to importing plants
By SEWinans
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I've ordered from CZPlants twice.

Both times the plants arrived very small and sad.

The seller was extremely helpful and immediately sent replacements for any plants that we didn't think were going to make it. All of them ended up surviving so I ended up with extras.

I was impressed with his customer service.
By BrunoL
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HeliamphoraWalnut wrote:BCP! best carnivorous plant are great, they are just a little slower, in my experience.
altough we might have to wait toapril
Hmm, I just read on their website that they'll wait until May to ship. I can't wait that long as May-August are super busy months for me as I have AP finals to deal with and international vacations.

I'm leaning towards CZ plants for now. In my opinion, they have a better selection from what I can tell especially with VFTs and Nepenthes.

We still have 3 months so a lot can change. I'm going to contact them and try to get them to elaborate on:
1.) Availability of "out of stock" plants
2.) Shipping concerns
3.) Condition of the plants

I have the ability to make an order or ask a question through Skype so I might give it a try, as it may be a good way to get answers quickly.

For now, we have 14 people interested, including me so that's a total of 15 people. We are looking at $7-8 fee per person for shipping and CITES. That can change due to people leaving and joining, and the dollar-to-euro rate changes.

I think that the best course of action is:
I will contact CZ plants and start planning the details.
You all start making lists of the plants you want (including those that are out of stock, as they may come back by March)
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