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Very nice write-up allen. If you don't mind me asking a question here, I would like to know how difficult it would be to raise a ceph from seed? I can get one seed for about 10USD. Will I waste my money or should I try it?

It is pretty hard for a beginner
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By Matt
Hmm, maybe I need to try some other pitcher plants first..

Yeah I would recommend you starting out on some Nepenthes.. first than buy a Ceph that's already grown (small) and work your way up.

I agree 100%. $10USD is a lot to pay for one seed and it might not even germinate and if it does, the chances of it making it to adulthood aren't very good in the hands of a first time grower.
I grow mine in an unheated greenhouse all year round. Moss peat with a handful of sand and Perlite if I have any at the time !

No special treatment. They get full sun in summer and experience frost temps. in the winter but I haven't lost any yet so they seem to very tolerant in the U.K.

I find they don't like to be kept too wet so I let the trays dry out before topping them up.


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