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Hi i'm new at growing carnivorous plants, it always interested me when i saw them but thought they must be hard to care for. The other day i popped into my local Homebase to buy some things and came across some Venus Fly Traps & a Sarracenia's so i brought one of each. While looking at different online websites for information i noticed there are many kinds of these plants. Can anyone put a name to these.


By dutchplantlover
Wow lovely plants,

No one can say with confidence what your vft is. However your sarracenia is a sarracenia purperea.

Really love the teeth on the vft

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Thanks for the reply, in place like Homebase they don't really name them other than there basic name. Just another question. I have these in my greenhouse, will they be ok in there even over the winter time. I live in Stoke-On-Trent England where it does go into minus.
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By nimbulan
The flytrap is simply a flytrap - without a name they're generally referred to as "typical." The other plant is Sarracenia purpurea.
By dutchplantlover
I hope they will do fine in a greenhouse in the winter.
It will be my first year too but the plants should survive

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By SFLguy
They can even go below zero for a while, but if it goes below zero I'd put them indoors if you have an area that is just above zero
By kronos1996
They actually need winter dormancy to rest for the next season so if you try growing them in a green house year round they will actually die.

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