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By Jellybean1
Posts:  281
Joined:  Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:35 am
I know I'm a few years from getting A flower stalk on my flytraps,but still you never know if it could flower at a young age.So heres what Im planning to breed when I get more than 3 plants :lol:

B52xBig Mouth
DC XLxB52 <--- Goal
Akai RyuxSawtooth
JawsxAlien <--- Goal
Claytons Red SunsetxAkai Ryu (I'm sure that would be a very red trap)
Big MouthxJaws
Big MouthxB52
FTS Shogun StarxFused Tooth
B52xLong Red Fingers
By Jds
Posts:  730
Joined:  Sat May 02, 2015 5:58 pm
I would like to see B52xAlien-"Enormous alien clone"
And Akai ryu x alien -"Red alien clone"
This is for Matt:-
I know it's next to impossible but I would like to see
DC XL X B52 X King Henry X Mega traps G17 X Bigmouth X FTS Archangel (My favourite).
How big the traps will be?Lol

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