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Bog party update

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:08 am
by Dionaea Masukippa
I should probably start calling it the bog rave now. Anyway, just updating how my carnivorous plants are doing currently. During late winter and early spring I did lose a few to fungus gnat larvae such as a few typical vfts and my S. rubra. My other plants are having a blast especially D. hybrida, photos don't do it justice. Though a few are still a bit unhappy. I added to my roster: D. capensis, Dionaea Mascipula "Akai Ryu", P .cyclosecta and N. Ventricosa. My outside plants are currently in a platter that I got at ALDIs. Unfortunately, despite it being a decent size and looking good, not everything fits easily... except the utricularia.