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By Bobioden
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Joined:  Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:20 pm
Cephalotus Follicularis Typical - Local

D. muscipula -A2 -CCCP
D. muscipula- B52 - MC
D. muscipula- DC XL - FTS
D. muscipula- FTS Crimson Sawtooth - FTS
D. muscipula- FTS Flaming Lips - FTS
D. muscipula- FTS Maroon Monster - FTS
D. muscipula- FTS Trigger Happy - eBay
D. muscipula- G14 Rosetted -MC
D. muscipula- G16 Slack's Giant - FF
D. muscipula- GJ Giant Cudo -RC
D. muscipula- King Henry - MC
D. muscipula- Schuppenstiel I - FB
D. muscipula- SD Kronos - CCCP
D. muscipula- Typical's - Safeway

Drosera Capensis - Big Pink - Drummer230

Nepenthes macfarlanei Genting HL SG - JH

S. Flava Chocolate Top x Waccamaw
S. Daniel Rudd Moorei hybrid (4) Matts Spring Sale
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