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By stevelau1911
It looks like you can probably try some flower stalk pullings. I only got 1 flower stalk on my largest dcxl this spring, but I pulled off the top just to see how big this guy can become this year hoping it doesn't split into several plants, dividing the energy.
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By Alvin 415
I was planning to let my different cultivars do open pollination to see if I can get some interesting plants out of it.

I have some bigger 52s in different pots that I will likely pinch the flower stalk tips off of.


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My grow list with pics: ... 73#p222104

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By Alvin 415

I texted that pic to my daughter, and she reminded me that she was the one who planted those divisions and wanted to grow those plants out until the traps covered the whole pot.

She asked then me to remove the stalk tips, which I just did. Image

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My grow list with pics: ... 73#p222104

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