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By elaineo
Posts:  797
Joined:  Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:07 am
Potato in the boss's tailpipe. Dog doo under the windshield wipers.
Superglue a quarter to the bottom of a urinal.
ex-lax in the water reservoir of the coffee machine.
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By IoanAdam
Posts:  221
Joined:  Fri Dec 10, 2021 10:51 am
You first take a coin and color the edges with a pencil, then you tell a person "I bet you can't roll this coin on it's edge from your forehead to your chin without dropping it" Then they will be left with a black line across their face...
You may lose a dollar to the bet but you will win the satisfaction of pranking someone!
By Lain
Posts:  201
Joined:  Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:22 pm
I'm not entering this giveaway but for years I used to pull the batteries out of every device (remotes, toys, wireless mice, etc) that had recently been replaced with new batteries then join in on the panic that the device is "broken".

Also used to put edible glitter in coworkers mugs first thing in the morning. This one gets you in a lot of trouble. :lol:
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By hollyhock
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Joined:  Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:56 am
Well it's time to announce the winner
Supercazzola finished with 9 votes. And the prank was fun and simple. :D
I searched my whole grow room to decide on just the right fabulous prize. And this one is very rare and unique...everyone will be envious that it's in your collection... it's in its dormant stage don't worry about a thing :lol:
Message me supercazzola with your address :D
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