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By ChefDean
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Happy April everyone, I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of chocolate, so does your dentist. He's got a boat payment due, and all your cavities will pay that for him nicely.
For April, we're going to continue with the mixed Capes (soooooo many Cape seeds) as the first option.
Your second option will be some FTS VFT OP seeds. April should be a good month to get them sown, most of the country should be warm enough to get these going outside very soon. However, for the bonus, you'll only get about 25ish seeds instead of the 50ish that you'd get from a request.
Happy growing,

Edit: Let's make Maxsea an option for a bonus as well. I know a few of you have already sent your SASE for April, but I'll try to remember to make it as an option for a bonus for the rest of the summer.
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