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By cvlover
In case that you cannot find supplier for TC in S.A. you may use fertilizer for VFT. I have been using it side by side with standard MS and don't see much different. Formula for VFT to make a liter of media:
- 1.2 gram 20-10-20 fertilizer (choose none urea fertilizer if you can)
- 0.15 gram calcium nitrate or calcium chloride
- 0.25 gram Epson salt (magnesium sulfate)
- 100 mg/l B1 (use B50/B100 B-complex to make solution)
- 30 g/l sugar
- 6 gram agar
This is for Dionaea. Use half for Dro. and Sar. Never try Nep and other. Goooood luuuuuck. :)
By ahicks51
PhytoTech has international distributors.

"International Distributors
PhytoTechnology Laboratories has distributors in over 25 countries. To find a distributor near you please contact us by fax (1-913-341-5442) or email us at"

As for making your own versus buying it- anything under, oh, 500 liters, you're cheaper off buying it pre-made. Over 500 liters, you can buy the individual components and make it yourself. That assumes you have a balance, glassware, etc. From that point, you can make stock solutions (ammonium nitrate, boric acid, calcium chloride, disodium EDTA, iron sulfate, etc.), store them, and make it up yourself. It's not cheap, and some of the components (ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate) can be used to make explosives, so people tend to go gonzo if you possess even a small amount of them.

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