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By signrik
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Joined:  Thu May 11, 2017 10:51 pm
Iv finally got my lamina flow cabinet after a couple of years messing trying to build one
I bought a well priced she'll with pre filters but no hepas in
After I contacted the manufacturers who are not far away the filter was quoted at over 500 pounds it's 4ft by 2ft
Anyway good old alibaba maybe the quality is not as good even though the specs seem the same but iv had various quotes before shipping of 80 to 120 dollars
So I'm on with working out the shipping etc logistics
It's that long since I started collecting my stuff iv forgotten half of the contacts I had saved somewhere
I'm trying to get hold of some ppm in the uk
Any pointers
After buying a large pressure cooker and the money set aside for the filters the budget has gone down

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