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By Huntsmanshorn
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Joined:  Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:32 am
Benurmanii wrote:
Huntsmanshorn wrote:I had some calderoniae for awhile but I couldn't get them to leave dormancy. They were sort of half way out when I got them and seemed to get stuck until they died. Could you explain how you are growing yours?
For me the key is to keep them wet. They will stay dormant 90% of the time, but they don't seem to care about being wet while dormant, and I've lost my best calderoniae to not realizing it was waking up and letting it dry out. I've heard from Oliver Gluch that he has lost flowers from waking plants when they did not get water as soon as they started waking, so it seems to be better to err on the wet side.
Okay, thanks for the tip. If I ever get another chance with these I will keep your advice in mind.
By Benurmanii
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twitcher wrote:If you had to pick a favorite from among the temperate's which would ou choose and why?
My favorite temperate that I grow is P. villosa, it is such a unique Ping and I always find the really cold-growing Pings to be pretty fascinating. A close second would be P. nevadensis. Regarding temperates which I do not grow, my favorite is probably P. algida, which is a relative of P. villosa. It looks a bit similar, as it is quite small and the flower stalk is quite large compared to the plant, but it's flower stalk often splits into two separate flowers at the end. Search it in google images, it is quite a cool little plant.
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By jeff
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for my 'golden eyes ' just the light of the sun ;)

for the temperate all for me are interessant ,with a preference for filiform rupicolous or species with perennial garnet red leaves.

now I avoid growing them in pots, I prefer them an environment closer to nature but artificial and always outside.

for me villosa , algida (but also spathulata and ramosa) are too difficult if we have not the ideal condition.
I grow nevadensis this one is also difficult and little ,but it is easier to cultivate.

for the picture : villosa, algida, spathulata and the others you can see my web site :mrgreen:
here for the temperate ( in french desolate ):
click on the species you want, then as there are several entries for the information you are looking for (taxonomy, habitats, morphology, photos)
excuse me also for my personal positions which are sometimes not in agreement with the common positions,that's my nature,even if it bother ;)

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