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By Darkrai283
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Joined:  Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:28 pm
I know what aldrovanda is but what is utriculutra? I know what it looks like but is it the same as aldrovanda?
I know that aldrovanda grows in water and has traps but is utriculutra the same? I've heard that it has traps on its 'roots' but the pictures I've seen of utriculutra is growing in peat.
Can utriculutra grow in water like aldrovanda without any soil?
By Alan
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Joined:  Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:28 am
utricularia, if that's what you're thinking about, is another type of carnivorous plant that uses a vacuum-based trap to catch small prey. It is not the same as aldrovanda because aldrovanda uses a snap-trap system like VFTs to catch their prey. For the last 2 questions, the answers depends on the species. Im not a utricularia expert nor an aldrovanda expert but I do know that there are 3 types of utricularia, aquatic, epiphytic and terrestrial. Obviously, aquatic utricularia are found in 100% water habitats so in that case, then yes, uticularia can grow without soil. If you were wondering, some people grow terrestrial utricularia in two containers, where the top container is full of peat and the bottom container is full of water, which will allow the roots to grow deeper than the top container and be able to display its roots as well as the traps. Personally, and also due to my lack of knowledge towards utricularia, i dont see the difference between terrestrial utricularia and aquatic utricularia if it is possible to grow terrestrial utricularia in containers with only water, however there might be some differences between leaves and traps to accommodate the less watery enviroment. Personally, I also think that utricularia looks messier than aldrovanda.

If your hoping to grow these plants then good luck :D
By Alan
Posts:  131
Joined:  Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:28 am
ummm... Again, Im not a utric expert, but i think terrestrial utrics should be grown above water, or at least the leaves should be above water, but then again it may be possible, but Im not an expert and I wouldnt trust myself when it comes to planting terrestrial utricularia below the water table.


I searched this on google and i did find this post on about utrics

the latest post does specify some species of utric that may live underwater. Also from his (the person who posted the post) grow list, it looks like he does grow a lot of utric so this person seems trustworthy.

But if your trying to grow other species of utric underwater, it would be wise to take it out every couple days or weeks just to let it breathe for a while ;)
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