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Places to buy Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants.

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By Benurmanii
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They seem to be propagating a lot of plants from asexual means now, so you may want to see if they just have any plants of what you’re interested in. I pretty much always discourage people from growing from seed, since even with good, fresh seed, it can be a long time before germination with some plants, and what people have great success with, others have none, particularly with rarer seeds from plants more notoriously tricky. Although I am very biased, I hate growing things from seed.
By miacps
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The seeds I purchased were Drosera derbyensis, dilatato-petiolaris, broomensis, ordensis, macrophylla and stolonifera. I had sown some Drosera paradoxa seeds from my own plants around the same time which germinated. Disappointing to get 0 across the board but it's fairly consistent of my experience with other sellers that offer small amounts of rare seeds. I always suspected many were selling old seeds.
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By nimbulan
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Well every species you ordered is notoriously difficult to germinate. I'm not sure how paradoxa seeds compare but the plants are certainly much more tolerant than most species in that complex.

I will say I personally have germinated macrophylla from them, and know someone who got one of those petiolaris species going, can't remember which one.

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