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A few Pings and one Drosera for sale - Over for now

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:17 pm
by heywhathuh
Edit: All sold out guys, thanks for all the purchases!
If you missed out, fear not, everything that was once for sale will be for sale again in the future!

Hello, I have the following available for sale:

P. Pirouette: 6$
P. Weser: all sold!
Drosera natalensis: 5$
P. Gigantea x Moranensis: all sold!
P. Moranensis A: 8$
P. Agnata red leaf: 7$

Shipping is $5, but I will cover it if you buy 3 or more

Pictures can be found here:

Also open to trades (mostly interested in Mexican Pings)

Not shipping after Tuesday the seventh, as I have a work trip (which is also the reason for selling these plants, I don't want to overwhelm the person watering for me)

PM me with any questions/offers, continental US shipping only. Thank you.