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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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By xanthoparmelia
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Started this back in January. I had an extra planter from Lowes and decided turn it into a mini-bog. I'm not happy with my haphazard plant arrangement, but I am pleased with how it's starting to fill in. This is in spite of a Spring hail storm that really did a number on my garden and set back progress by at least a few weeks. I started with just a few sphagnum heads and they're really picking up momentum. I'll be transferring to a 21" planter in Winter.

Dionaea Typical, B-52
Drosera Filiformis, Capillaris, Tracyi, Intermedia, Binata T-form
Pinguicula Primuliflora, Caerulea
Utricularia Bisquamata, Cornuta
Planter Bog.jpg
Planter Bog.jpg (2.02 MiB) Viewed 435 times
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By paulsflytrap
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I like it,
its a nice set up,
I especially like the b52s :)

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