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Say hello and tell everyone a bit about yourself.

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Hello everybody I thought I would join this forum I find forum sometimes hard to navigate but I will do my best and I'm sure there's a lot of kind people on here that will help me and point me in the right direction.

or advice I have done some reading regarding yellowing of my nepenthes leaves I noticing discoloration of green obviously on my ventricosa cutting seedling younger plant a patch of it is turning yellow I feel that I may have been over watering to remedy this would I just let it dry out a bit more to become damp rather than moist moist I don't believe it to lighting issue as my other species seem to be ok sorry if I posted this in the wrong place it may take me a while to get used to the way that this works but nice to meet you all we are quite limited in my country as to what species are available as it is very expensive to import nice to meet you all
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By Shadowtski
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Welcome to the Forum.
I'm mostly a Drosera grower, very few Neps here.
I read up on what the plant wants.
I try to set them up in the best conditions I can, then relax.
Over Winter, they look meh because my basement gets too cold for them.
I don't worry too much because in Summer they'll look fine again.
If they don't like the conditions of my growspace, I can always sponsor a plant giveaway and rehome them.
That will make room for new Sundews.
Just my 02¢ worth,

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