How do I plant or repot a Venus flytrap?

More detailed Instructions for repotting a Venus flytrap.

To repot your Venus flytrap, gently squeeze the sides of the pot that it is in to release the media from the pot. Once you have the plant and all the soil out of the pot, the soil will fall away from the roots. Have a cup or bucket with distilled water in it and place the plant and whatever media is on the roots in the water and gently swirl it around. This will remove all of the media from the roots exposing the beautiful white rhizome and black roots.

To plant a Venus flytrap, you can completely fill the pot with soil, then use your fingers or a small shovel or some other tool to spread open a deep hole. Make the hole deep enough to accommodate the roots with minimal winding.

Ensure that the roots get as far down in the soil as possible, then gently press the soil in around the roots of the plant. Do not plant the Venus flytrap too deeply in the soil, but make sure that the white part of the rhizome is completely covered. Spray the soil and the plant to make sure that it is initially very wet after being potted.