How often should I repot my Venus flytrap?

Instructions for repotting a Venus flytrap.

Venus flytraps respond well to being repotted once a year. The media can get old and compacted making it hard for the roots of the plant to grow. Repotting will assure that the media stays fresh and aerated.

The best time to repot your Venus flytrap is in the early springtime just as it is coming out of dormancy. The only time to actively avoid repotting a plant is when it is flowering. However, Venus flytraps don’t seem to mind being uprooted at any time during the year and usually resume growth within a few days of being repotted.

If you just got a plant from the store, I would recommend repotting it as soon as possible. Usually, Venus flytrap plants in stores aren’t cared for properly and are watered with impure water. These impurities will stay in the media. They might be able to be flushed out with heavy watering, but it is just easier to mix new media and repot.